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Next Step - VO2 MAX

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The Meeting

An exciting morning with compelling conversation and story sharing over some casual beers and greasy grub (start as I mean to go on).

I went into the meeting completely open minded; it went even better than I could have hoped. Jimmy (creator and owner of VO2 Maximum in Tonbridge), an old friend of my partner Matt, was influential, charismatic and frank. A brilliant combination of what it takes to be a successful coach and athlete. His achievements to date were impressive and his experiences (good and bad) only made me want to get started sooner.

We discussed how we should proceed with training - how they’re system works with regards to programming and monitoring performance.

Just get started - Start getting outside for some jogs. Get used to the motions, work through breathing and the feel of that heel to ground contact.

Visit the studio - To get to the venue to become familiar with the facilities and what their training centre has to offer. As well as the opportunity for the coaches to monitor my performance (to see what they’re working with!).

Garmin - The all important tech that is used as a coaching tool to monitor performance and also transferring training programmes directly from VO2 to me. Neat!

Book an event - enough said…

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