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Tri-Me Tape 103

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Mindset, motivation and multiple sports, the Tri Me Tapes are the audio journal of an amateur athlete, Abi Dawson.

Seeking a new challenge and an opportunity to improve her mindset Abi made the commitment to try new sports and compete.

Initially, she identified triathlon as a true test of grit, physicality and most importantly mental fortitude.

Join Abi and her partner in crime Matt as they discuss the journey to competition, the highs, the lows and lessons learnt along the way.

In this tape of Tri-MeTapes, we discuss the gear Abi bought for her triathlon training, a lovely old lady telling Abi off in the pool and how to find the right saddle for your tushy.

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In this episode, we discuss:

00:36 First week in training

04:04 Pool Etiquette

06:22 swim programming, and how to forget it

08:06 life vs training

09:01 Swimming training

12:25 Training Peaks - Session colour coding

13:45 Extra sessions and imaginary friends

15:40 Technology and equipment.

16:30 Bike Kit

19:47 Swimming Kit

20:50 Running kit

21:21 Saddles

22:31 Measuring Sit-bones

25:10 More Bike kit