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Tri-Me Tape 108

Mindset, motivation and multiple sports, the Tri Me Tapes are the audio journal of an amateur athlete, Abi Dawson.

Seeking a new challenge and an opportunity to improve her mindset Abi made the commitment to try new sports and compete.

Initially, she identified triathlon as a true test of grit, physicality and most importantly mental fortitude.

Join Abi and her partner in crime Matt as they discuss the journey to competition, the highs, the lows and lessons learnt along the way.

In this tape of Tri-Me Tapes Podcast, Abi makes the tough choice to quit training for triathlon, we discuss the rationale behind it and lessons learnt along the way. Plus we prepare for a new challenge in series 2 of the Tri-Me Tapes. Thanks for sharing the experience with us so far!

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In this episode, we discuss:

01:00 Recapping the training & looking at more races

02:50 Preparing your first triathlon season

03:55 Training in Covid Lockdowns

06:06 Swimming training with no access to pools

08:39 Priorities & commitment to training

10:55 Mindset around waiting 12 months to compete & enjoyment of training

13:22 When the fun becomes a stress

13:55 Why is Abi doing the training? Doubt about quitting.

15:27 Training solo and what a team can offer

15:57 Making the choice to quit

17:42 Being okay with changing your perspectives

18:22 Sharing the choice with Coach Jimmy

19:00 Key learnings: Personal development & being part of a team