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Rolling into July, full speed ahead. Just got the all clear from Bozza that we are able to open on the 25th July. Hallelujah!

I'm in full swing. However, my programme has been adjusted slightly, reducing training to 4 days per week instead of 5. Main reason, it gives more flexibility as to when I can train and when I can have my recovery days. It means I can be efficient in my sessions, rather than dragging my heels if my recovery hasn't quite had its full effect.

I've got to deload week with energy left in the tank, which is ideal. During triathlon training and previous end-of-block training, I have been beat. Taking my foot off the pedal and still keep up the intensity with the gymnastics (still trying to link my double unders) and conditioning, I'll be ready to push for the next block!

I am seeing progression in everything. Unlike the triathlon training, because there are so many skill elements and 'instant feedback', I feel more satisfied in my athletic development in Crossfit.

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