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Rainhill Trials WOD5

The end is near!

Mentally and physically exhausted, I was pleased that it was the final workout. It is always the ones that look the most simple that are the worst to perform!


For Time (CAP 10 min):


Thrusters @ 30kg

Burpees over the bar

This was brutal.

It was brutal the first time I did it. I had to redo the workout as I realised that I didn't meet the standard requirements.

The fact that the second movement was 'over the bar', it mattered how far off the ground the bar was lifted. The plates that I used for my thrusters were a fraction smaller than the Olymipic sized plates, therefore I had an easier ride. I say easier, it was hideous. My time for that attempt was 7.13.

Second time I did it was the very next morning. Oh man, the first set of thrusters (21) was grim. No time after that to get in any air, straight onto the floor to get the 21 burpees done. The hop over the bar just makes it 3x harder than normal.

21 reps were out of the way and I just had nothing left in my mind more than my body to get all 15 done. Once again with the support from my coach, I completed no more than 2 reps each time- only with his.... encouragement (he told me that he very much enjoyed screaming at me for the duration). The burpees felt like snail pace and the 9 of each felt like an eternity.

It took a good 10 minutes of me lying on the floor to get my heart rate down to resting. I was a broken girl. Even though I performed worse, slower and more broken reps, I was proud of my second attempt. I knew I'd given it my everything.

My time was 7.38, 43rd place for WOD5.




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