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Rainhill Trials WOD3

Top 10 after 2 workouts - I think this went to my head a little.

My composure towards workout number 3 was not so relaxed.


In an 8 min window:

Find a maximum weight for a complex of:

1 x Hang Snatch

3 x Overhead Squat


Begins 2 minutes after the completion of WOD 3A


In a 5 min window:

Complete 40 x Wall Balls 6/9kg to 9/10ft

In the remaining time

Complete maximum Repetitions of Squat Cleans @35kg

First thought... technical. I'm limited to how much I can hang snatch. I'd got to 32.5 in training/seeding the week before for a triple. It's not that fact that it is particularly heavy but it is the one move that I think takes the most technical ability to receive correctly overhead.

I muscled 35kg above my head. It was ugly but I got it up and was able to hang onto it for another 3 reps of overhead squat.

Matt advised I get to my max early on and have lots of time to rest and prepare for part B, wall balls and squat cleans.

This was a mental challenge as much as physical as unfortunately my target for the wall ball was inches above a ledge that I needed to be precise and throw further than required. Each time it hit the ledge it would make the ball return unpredictably and inflict rage. I'd drop it or have to recompose myself instead of being as rhythmic as I knew I could be. This cost time and energy.

I completed the wall balls in about 2 mins and had 3 minutes to get as many squat cleans done.

This is an explosive movement for me and I found it hard to control my breathing and steady my heart rate. I was not composed and felt I wasted too much time walking back from the bar and taking my time to pick it back up.

This brought out the worst of me. It was a good reminder as to why I started Tri Me in the first place. To change the mindset and focus on what's in front of me. I got caught up in my position of the comp, shocking myself that I'd placed so high to then being brought back down to earth being a beginner in a workout that I needed more practice with.

As for the aspects that were out of my control, I couldn't accept that it was the only option and I went into paddy mode unnecessarily. I then regretted my actions afterwards, sulking wouldn't have changed anything. What I could have changed was a more thorough warm up, been more relaxed and practiced a little more with the equipment I had and what technique I could include to be successful.

I placed 53rd for my lift and 65th for the 14 cleans I completed after the 40 wall ball throws.

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