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Rainhill Trials WOD4

After accepting the bad attitude and poor score result from WOD3, I thought I'd attempt to change back my mindset back to 'it's just for fun'.


15 minute time cap

Kennedy Female

30 x KB Swing (20kg)

25 x Box Jump Over (20")

20 x Pull Up

25 x Box Jump Over (20")

10 x Chest to Bar Pull Up

More high volume of movements I'm not efficient with just yet. This is where kipping would come in handy, pull ups would get done a lot quicker if you were able to perform them with that technique.

It was also made clear that there'd be a split time for the workout for those who were not able to perform chest to bar pull ups. I'd not attempted one of these before this workout.

More mind battle. I started the swings, all unbroken, no bother. I was quick over the box, decided to jump until I couldn't. I got to the pull up bar, got to rep 6 and thought FUCK, I have nothing in the tank.

I stopped. I again battled with my brain. Kept putting pressure on myself when I didn't need to.

I went home to refuel and to power kip.

I chose to return to the gym and give it another go. This time Matt was there with me and reassured me that the workout can and will take time. Only way to tackle it is to chip away and that as long as I get the through the reps, that's all that mattered.

Once I completed the first part at 5.35, I had just under 10 minutes to do anything I could to get my chest up to that bar. It turned out to be hilarious and I actually mustered up 5 pull ups. This put me in 43rd place for the workout.


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