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All The Gear

I have an extremely obsessive personality, especially when it comes to research and purchasing. I will compare and contrast every detail to find myself the best deal possible - at least I think I do.

Two weeks of gluing my eyes to the ebay app - attentive to every notification that popped up with the words ‘Specialized’ or ‘Cannondale’. I know nothing about bikes but I was quite confident that these brands were reputable in the cycling world to do me good stead for training.

Hazar! A bike. It’s propped in the hallway part of the living room glistening white… And I’ve held the handles… And I’ve pulled the brakes… yep, good.

Along with the bike, I’ve had Amazon parcels delivered left right and centre, containing swimming aids: buoys, fins, hand paddles, swimming cap, luggage - all recommended by Jimmy of course. I definitely am still in the naive space of: ‘All the gear, no idea’.

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