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Runner’s Knee

All good things come in threes… or so I’ve heard. One MRI, one physio and one massage therapist appointment later, we determined… everything that google said; tight quads a strain on the ligaments from increased activity. If any of you have ever had a niggle, one that is persistent, one that is a constant reminder that you are limited, then you will know it is the most frustrating thing in the world! Completely in your hands to improve it and no way for the quick fix. The heel raises whilst brushing your teeth; the rolling around on the floor for the stretch - whilst demonstrating the contortionist in you to keep one eye on the TV; the moments your head hits the pillow and that is the time you remember to do your rehab reps.

However boring and frustrating it might be, I am completely aware of the necessity for every bit of advice I have been given to improve my symptoms and get back to being fighting-fit.

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