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Training - Weak One (intentional homophone)

Had a phone conversation to run through how I will be logging my training from now on. The Garmin does it all… that and Training Peaks. My plan has all been arranged, set up beautifully and clearly in a calendar format to be ticked off. Each session has the details of what was recorded during training - i.e. heart rate, distance and pace etc. These details automatically sync with the programme for the coach to review and there is space available to leave feedback for how you felt the session went. SO:

Tuesday - S&C: light work. Really not used to this low intensity training that targeted specific areas and tested my balance and core stability. I see the benefits - just not sure after one session that it was really my favourite in comparison to my normal regime of… go hard or go home. Followed by some pool work. Some drills to help me become streamline and efficient in the pool; followed by some unbroken lengths for endurance training. I felt like it had all come flooding back to me. Shoulders were on fire though and my lungs were definitely working overtime… but I loved it.

Wednesday - Running: Ouch. So the light 1 minute on and 1 minute brisk walk for 10 rounds was not light enough. This injury seems to be an impact one and any weight bearing is very painful.

Thursday - Back to swim. Much better in the pool. I could actually remember the programme - however I did get shunned by an old lady who notified me that I was in the wrong lane… well, I took it as a compliment. Speedy!

Friday - Friday is for freestyle. Make up what I want. I’m sure that’s why people get coaches. In all honesty I couldn’t bear the pain in my knee for 27 minutes so instead of running, I rowed - 1 min on, 1 min off - I rowed pretty hard and kept my split time 1.56 for 500m each round. The row and the strength session flattened me, I was glad to remember I had a rest day on Saturday.

Weekend - Casual 30km bike ride. Followed the old train track, Forest Way from East Grinstead to Groombridge on a Sunday afternoon. Weather was glorious and it felt good to be back on the bike again, even if I did get caked in mud.

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