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VO2 Max - The Consultation Phase

This s*** just got real.

I met with Jimmy(Head Coach and creator of VO2 Max Training) to go through an assessment that ultimately painted the picture of ‘absolute beginner’.

Jimmy talked me through the software the coaches use to maintain contact and share data with their athletes. I was blown away with just how clever this bit of kit was. They can pretty much set training via the programme/app that links directly to a Garmin - this feeds back to the coach on performance. Easy as pie.

I told Jimmy that I was his blank canvas. After my movement and posture assessment, it was made clear I had lots of prep work to do to get me tri fit.

Flat feet.

Flat back.

Tight hamstrings.

Quad dominant.

Weak glutes.

Back dominant.

Right side dominant - weight shifting.


I was put to ease that strengthening my weaker areas will improve balance, ultimately improving performance and reduce my risk of injury.

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