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Week Two - In A Nutshell

In a nutshell week two was an increase in intensity. Life got in the way; Family duties; Work commitments and injury.

Swimming was difficult this week. Sessions were programmed in the same as last. Twice a week - this time focusing on a different skill. Body position in the water is a crucial aspect of swimming. Balance in the water in not as easy on your side without those vital strokes. Stripping back a skill that you’ve learned 20+ years ago can arguably be harder than starting from scratch!

Sweet spot in the water refers directly to being balanced and streamlined in the water. The smallest of alterations can be impactful on performance outcome. To propel through the water there obviously needs to be a considerable effort of kicking. My legs carried me two lengths before they filled with lactic acid. Water flooded in my mouth and my lungs were burning as I gasped for air - only 14 more lengths of this.

The second attempt was slightly better. I felt more confident in the water and understood the expectations from the drill. It was only 12 hours since returning to the midday brawl of length scrapping in the communal pool. Legs were instantly exhausted - starting to think Jimmy knows what he’s doing with this programming malarkey ‘no repeat training on consecutive days’.

I rode the steady trail from Groombridge to East Grinstead once again. A late ride meant we cut the journey short to turn back before dark. I should have consumed more carrots in my youth, as the last 10 minutes was a guestimate of when the next twig should suddenly rise and attack my very robust but slightly off balanced stature.

Training Peaks still had a running session pending after my disorganised week. I managed to conjure up the energy to complete the injury recovery interval training I’d been set before it transformed into the dreaded red ‘incomplete’. The knee kept to a manageable pain - I was determined to get it done. The lights loomed over the lonely track. 10 minutes in I was approached by a mini rogue runner with a gleaming smile. The boy approached me and joined me a lap of the track - said nothing, just had a gleaming smile ear to ear. The motivation I needed and made me think how great sport is.

This was the first time where I’ve thought - I can do this.

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