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You Know How To Squat

Programme is up. Week is set after working out my 1rm in my squat. 85kg... well what do ya know, my heaviest ever squat and probably the most mobile too.

Oh yeah, and on the note of mobility, I had forgotten to mention I picked up the habit of practicing yoga 20 minutes every morning. My word has this made a difference. Not only has my mobility and flexibility improved massively, my stability and balance is unreal as well as it improving my shoulder and hip flexor pain. I'm also falling in love with the whole spiel, which I never thought I'd admit.

Anyway, back to strength. So for week 10 I am looking to get a hefty amount of squat work in, working as an EMOM style. So loading up my bar with the percentage of weight I should be squatting in reference to my 1rm.

I would be looking to accumulate a successful 10rm deadlift weight. These felt strange, using a barbell after only hinging with 2 x 15kg dumbbells was defo a shock to the system.

I'd be working on some skill of cleaning the bar, from the floor or hang position, using the drive to get the bar to shoulders and arms scooped under it. I'd be working on noisy feet to jerk the bar overhead; this is to make an obvious explosive movement in preparation for a heavier load that would be a struggle to press overhead.

Gymnastics is completely foreign to me. I'd been working on hollow holds, pike push ups and handstands at home during lockdown - I've seen improvements in strength and confidence, so it's time to put them to the test. Kipping is a skill in itself and if your not thinking about the rhythm of the swing, you're thinking about grip and how much your hands hurt.

I got some teeny tiny triceps. Not completely neglected but an isolated dip movement on the rings is quite something!

My conditioning pieces would vary between using the cardio equipment, such as the assault bike... blurgghhh, the concept 2 rowers, skiergs and bikerg. I'm still very much burpee-esk and dumbbell snatches, cleans, push pressing - getting work done in a certain rep range or time. These are designed to work on improving different energy systems, under fatigue too, so that you are able to 'burst' when needed, or take it slow and steady to maintain a good pace for a longer duration of work.


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