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Update In The Madness

A little update for ya...

It is the 16th June 2020. Life is just starting to resume. What I mean by that is shops are starting to reopen. Restrictions are being lifted. 2m distances from one another has been reduced to 1m.

There is still little information as to when gyms will be reopening. I however have been granted access to my second home at Sweat-it. Here I'll be able to advance my strength training, as before I had been using a limited supply of kit and a heck of a lot of volume.

Do not knock it until you try it. Although I enjoy being spoiled and have access to a wide variety of gym equipment, Matt has done an almighty job at creating a programme to build a great base for the next phase of my training.

I have worked with 2 10kg dumbbells, although these became more of a aesthetic feature for my uninspiring outdoor set up. 2 15kg dumbbells, which I can say is a large jump in weight when focusing on my puny shoulders. I had a 20kg dumbbell and a 20kg kettlebell.

I'd been looking to develop strength in the legs, shoulders and core. Incorporating all movement types - mainly compound moves that ensures I am embracing the neuromuscular improvements as well as multiple muscle activation all in one session.