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25 Weeks And A Bit Of Competition!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Ahh the old 'white sheet', 'blank canvas', if you will. It's been another 13 weeks on since I posted last. Times have been mental in work, lifestyle and training terms.

Training people at the gym and treating my clients (as a massage therapist) only inspires me to work harder on myself. Training and rehab and overcoming any obstacles.

I've been to Scotland, trekked mountains, indulged in fresh salmon and fell in love with the natural world once again. More excitement, more experiences.

Training has been AWESOME. I have learnt so much. I have put in hours and I have seen some great results. October 2020 it was time to set myself a new challenge.

I'll be participating in the Rainhill Trials; all online, as Covid-19 is still very much around.

The competition would normally take place in Manchester, however this year, participants are able to compete and video their attempts to submit their workout scores.

The seeding was:


8-minute window

Row 1k (separately scored part A)

AMRAP in remaining time (part B)

12 x thrusters (35kg/20kg)

8 x pullups

Wall ball/Box over

6 rounds for time

15 x wall ball (Male: 9kg or 20lb to 10ft, Female: 6kg or 14lb to 9ft)

10 x box jump over (Male: 24”, Female: 20” – step ups ARE permitted)

And 1 minute MAX REPS tests of:

Bar muscle ups

Chest to bar pull ups

Pull ups

Toes to bar/knee raisers

And 3 REP MAX of:

Hang squat clean

Shoulder to overhead


Hang snatch

I qualified 149th out of 230 submissions with:

Fran on a boat: 3.55 row & 2 rounds

Wall ball/Box over - 7'.10

Bar muscle ups - 0

Chest to bar pull ups - 0

Pull ups - 14

Toes to bar/knee raisers - 36

And 3 REP MAX of:

Hang squat clean - 50kg

Shoulder to overhead - 47.5

Deadlift - 105kg

Hang snatch - 32.5

All in all, I was happy with my results and put me in the mid range category.

The competition will start on the 19th. A workout will be released each day of the week and you have 24 hours to complete and submit your score. I will be posting once a day to talk about the workout and how I got on...

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