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Bike Fit

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

It was time to pop my road bike cherry. It wasn’t the comfiest of experiences at first. Still slightly sore from the aggressive 40km ride over the weekend, I was directed to take unnatural stances to ensure I was in the premium riding position. Knees tracking over toes, driving through the balls of my feet, flat back, leaning not reaching to the bars. There was so much to it. I commend Jimmy, who could identify all of this by eye. The smallest of measurements can make all the difference and is definitely the most important part to my training so far as a stage of injury prevention.

The bike was almost perfect - a few pieces to add to my Christmas list. A seat that looks like something out of Alien and a shorter stem for my disproportionate torso.

If you have ever sat on a bike and thought OMFG this hurts, well ISM have created a seat in response to scientific studies that reserve nerve function, and remove pressure from soft tissue areas. Hence the dodgy dual nose as seen on other products that I will not go into in this blog.

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