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Rest Week


You know in the movies where an adventurer is in a hot deserted place and they're desperate to find water. The mirage blurs the town that is so near but so far. That is how I have felt for the last week; running on fumes to try to get the best out of my last programmed sessions.

So a recap of what I was getting up to on an average week...

Distances crept up and focused on skill.

2 swims at 2,300m each

2 runs (building up distances) recovering from my knee injury - Starting from 1 minute on, 1 minute off to 15 minutes on, 1 minute off.

2 indoor Bikerg sessions (between 45 minutes and 1 hour) approx 25km each session

A weekend endurance ride between 1h30m and 2 hours (approx 30-35km)

2 Strength and Conditioning sessions - Each lasting an hour, working on core stability and building strength using compound moves (squats, deadlifts, glute bridges etc).

This has certainly taken some dedication and I definitely see improvement in all disciplines.

Training Peaks claim my fitness level is at 68; this started at 0 so I see this as a great progression. Before the week was up, my fatigue levels were in the high 80's contributing to -20's in the form bracket. These numbers work from the algorithm of data that is transferred from my activities that are recorded by my Garmin watch. It registers heart rate, length and type of activity. It can also determine your use of oxygen efficiency.

This clever bit of kit tells me I'm tired.

I am tired.

Rest week involves stripping back the length of sessions, including more rest days and focusing on skill in the water. Specifically I have been planned some hand entry skills that will hopefully teach me to reach and catch better during my freestyle swim.

Other than that, a few 15 minute plods (in this gloooorious weather. Not). A couple of road rides. Nothing crezy. Although, I'm yet to find an 'easy' road route to where I live. I am surrounded by hills!

Oh and I've booked an event. Woking, 5th of April. AHHH.

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