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Zones or Zones

So during my indoor bike sessions, I have been using a concept 2 Bikerg. A resistance bike. Jimmy hadn't come across these when I had mentioned to him that is what I had available to me in terms of indoor training equipment.

SO, he said he would google them and come up with some training plans, which he did.

Training plans went on Training Peaks with the session referring to zones. So thinking that I'd have a quick google to what it meant 'concept 2 bikerg zones', getting the results that it meant the resistance.

Now I have been finding these sessions unbelievably hard. Working though long stretches of a high heart rate, in 180s. It's only been this week where the work has flagged up and I dove in a little deeper into the app (I'm not tech savvy, nor do I had a great attention span).

Zone 4 doesn't mean level 4 resistance on the bike, holding it at 180 Watts... it means within the realm of sub-threshold of your aerobic heart rate. WHAT AN IDIOT! In my sessions, Zone 4 (thinking it's level 4), holding a high power wattage meant that for good 3 minute bursts, my heart rate was in Zone 5B/C (pushing myself towards my max heart rate).

Thankfully I've trained this way around - harder than I should have been. Classic though. What a divvy.

Interval training is an effective method to improve endurance. Research has shown that these particular sessions of working hard for short bursts and having lengthy rest periods between efforts maximize endurance development.

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