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Updated: May 12, 2020

Training was building up rather nicely. Just under 4 weeks until the first race at Woking.

Swims were extending to 2,700m. Runs were lengthening to 30-40 mins non stop and sticking to a pace. Bricks (transitional phases from a ride to a run) implemented on weekends.

Cases of Covid-19

For those of you reading in the future and my blog is your time capsule, providing you with historic information of beginner triathlete, you will be aware of this worldwide crisis of the deadly virus.

To all of you in the now. This is no joke. There is actually a virus that is spreading uncontrollably and countries are on lockdown - meaning everyone is to stay indoors and only venture outside where completely necessary.

So far -

Week 3 of acknowledgement.... no loo roll. In the midst of madness, people have gone mad for loo roll and pasta.

The Coronavirus, they think, started in China from ingestion of an animal (a bat to be more specific). The virus attacks the respiratory system, spikes your temperature and binds to the lungs. It spreads very quickly and in some cases does not show any symptoms. Vulnerable people, old or have underlying health conditions, are not able to produce the antibodies to fight it off.

Society is a strange place right now, however, people are trying to stay positive and retain their fitness. You are allowed to perform one form of exercise outside of your house. You must venture out alone or with another member of your household. You should attempt to keep 2m away from any encounter.

This is an unbelievable circumstance. I will provide a post that will explore how I can retain my fitness and specific strength in order to pick up where I left off before World War Z had unfolded.

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