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New Direction

This post marks eight weeks of training.

I know I haven't gone into much depth about technique or shared any statistical analysis with you guys yet. If I'm honest I would have no idea what I'm sharing. I have consistently trained whilst balancing home life and maintaining a career in a new industry. I have to say, the end of the year marks a good place for me to stop and look back at my personal achievements.

Let me tell you a little about my history and hopefully, you'll get a perspective of why I'm so ignorant to the technicalities of triathlon training.

Sports have always played a massive part of my life. Through school, anything practical I loved participating and learning the rules and dynamics of games.

Team sports were my passion - hockey in particular. Since I was 10 years old I played regularly at club level from my home town, Crowborough. I dedicated my Saturdays to travel around East Sussex to play in ALL weather conditions. I jotted around the place, experienced different clubs and a few variations of the level of the game. An achilles injury put a halt to the hobby and rehab was a LONG process. Much like my knee - no REAL damage, just a heck of a lot of pain.

Taking the hockey player who recently started a career as a massage therapist and personal trainer - meanwhile using the gym to develop strength training - I have stepped into quite a different world. I would take part in shuttle runs and 'fitness' sessions associated with my sport, but nothing that really pushed my mind and body.

I am completely aware that what I have been subject to so far is merely a step into what the triathlon industry has to offer, but already my experience has been flipped on its head and I am completely new to pushing through lengthy sessions based on duration and technique.

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