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I'm Still Here!

5000 burpees later and I live to tell the tale.

I want to say it's an exaggeration but I'm hesitant to actually add up my down/up efforts just in case it's accurate.

In all serious, it's been awesome. If you guys (who are reading this) are contemplating discovering a new skill or pursuing a life long interest, do it. It really does give you an influx of energy and let's you reevaluate what's important to you.

I'm 4 weeks in and Matt Tyler, the coach, the Crossfit athlete has put me through my paces. He's asked that I video certain exercises so he can gauge where I'm at and direct me to better patterns/positions. As cringey as this was/is, it's actually useful; not just for him but for me. I can't do myself an injustice here and pretend I'm oblivious to exercise and coaching cues, because I am a coach. It's also nice to journal efforts so that you have a progression log to see how far you've come, much like this blog.

I can already see changes in my body composition. My body feels and looks leaner and more defined, especially in the arms. I'm more resilient in the workout formations given. Crossfit usually programmes workouts in competition vibes of AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible), EMOMs (every minute on the minute), Rep scales (21-15-9) as well as time caps.

I won't bore you with the fine detail just yet but I will give you a brief overview of what my weeks are generally looking like at the moment:

5 days of work, rest on other 2 (active rest means to participate in something light and not strenuous)

Day 1 - Squats (High sets, high reps)/core

Day 2 - Single leg hinge /skipping

Day 3 - Plyo/core

Day 4 - Single leg squat/handstand

Day 5 - Hinge (swings)/accessory movements

Each day will end with a conditioning piece that varies from being either sprinty, endurance or methodical.

It's so much fun. When you see the guys and gals rolling around on the floor in videos after workouts, you automatically think drama and exaggeration... no, no, it's a survival instinct!

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