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Strength... what's that?

For the past 6 months, I've dedicated my training to build endurance. My strength and conditioning was adapted to be specific to the sport requirements. Not only was the volume different to what I was used to but also the intensity.

I felt confident that I wouldn't be wiping the slate clean but merely building upon it, especially when it came to strength.

If you have ever witnessed Crossfit or heard of its makings, you will understand that it is an all-rounder sport. It was created with the intention to find the fittest and to be awarded this title as a Crossfit athlete, you are supposed to be able to perform any given task at a good level.

Olympic lifting






Looking back over my time training for triathlon, it almost became a rule of thumb that you were to sacrifice a fitness element to advance in the sport. Crossfit is trying to embrace and progress in it all.


Getting to grips with the structure and fine turning movement patterns. No barbell, as I still have no access to a gym. I have a selection of equipment, including dumbbells, a kettlebell and resistance bands that I can use for the next however many weeks we are in isolation.

We are looking at introducing squats, hollow holds to prep for gymnastic work, vertical and horizontal pressing, hinging (inc. deadlifts and swings, pulling and plyo complexes for power.


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